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 150K XP per Prestige Glitch [Tut]

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150K XP per Prestige Glitch [Tut] Empty
PostSubject: 150K XP per Prestige Glitch [Tut]   150K XP per Prestige Glitch [Tut] Empty4/13/2011, 16:55

Hey there, Ruzed here bringing you guys another Tutorial.

This is how to do the Killstreaks glitch:

Valkerie Rockets (Easy):

1.) Earn your Valkerie Rockets (7 kill streak) LEGITIMATELY. *Will not work with care package.
2.) Equip your Valkeries and then pull out a claymore.
3.) Keep repeating steps 1 and 2.

Note: Every time you switch from the rockets to the claymore, it will count as a time you called in your Valkeries. Do this 750 times and you will get 50K XP.

Chopper Gunner/Gunship (Medium Difficulty):

1.) Earn your Chopper/Gunship (9 for Chopper, 11 for Gunship) LEGITIMATELY. *Not a care package.
2.) Throw a semtex on the ground
3.) As soon as it is about to explode, call in your Chopper/Gunship.
4.) Once the Chopper/Gunship is done, you will have the option to call it in again.
5.) Repeat steps 2-4

Note: Every time you call it in it obviously counts as 1 time called in. If you do this with both the Chopper Gunner and the Gunship 750 times, you will earn 100K XP (50K per Killstreak).

You can do this every prestige, because your challenges reset every time you prestige.

*Boost at your own risk


150K XP per Prestige Glitch [Tut] Ruzed
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150K XP per Prestige Glitch [Tut]
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